Welcome to the Creepypasta Graveyard WikiEdit

This Wikia is for all the stories that didn't make it everywhere else. We except stories from the Creepy pasta wikia, The Troubled wikia, and the spinoff wikia, and others if they are not meant to troll or meant to be bad, this wikia is meant as a second chance not a garbage can for ligitemently terrible stories. DONT POST GARBAGE ON THIS WIKIA.

Why I Started This WikiaEdit

Hello my name is The-One123 . I started this wikia because I has tired of people's stories getting deleted when they wernt actualy bad, they needed more of a chance. This wikia will hold stories and wont delete them unless they are truly bad and were ment to be bad, as in troll pastas that arnt funny and dont make sense in any way shape or form. We will take stories that you tried to post on The Creepypasta wikia, The Troubled wikia, and The Spinoff wikia, as well as others depending on what they are. Try to stay away from NSFW but they wont be deleted unless they are to graphic, If you post porn you will be banned, no exceptions, there are many websites for that and this isnt one of them.

There wont be a chat, atleast for a while. The only people I have helping me here at the moment are my friends, and with school and work they cant be on when they would be needed. If I get more people to help me this might change but for the moment there isnt going to be a chat, Im sorry.

This wikia is for good stories to get a second chance at life, it isnt a trash can, DONT PUT TRASH HERE. trash meaning ligitemently bad stories, If there was a lot of people who hated your stories and wanted it deleted then posting it here wont help you because it will just be hated somewhere else, If a story gets hated on here then we might have to delete it just to calm people down. By hated I mean hated by many, as in at least 15 people, more as the site grows. We will also take into account how many people actually liked the story, If the story is strongly liked it might be saved.