Dead Island: Revenge.Edit


    Ok , I love dead island and still do , What happened to me didn't scare me as much as just freaked me out . It was just a normal weekend , I had a little money left over and decided to buy a game people had been talking about for months , Dead Island . I went to buy the game , and no the store person didn't look scared when he handed me the game or anything like that . I got home and put it in my Xbox 360 right away , I picked Logan as my character (because all my friends picked the other ones) and started to play . I played through the beginning , having a really good time , I got to the part that I needed to stop and rest . I ended up not playing it again for about 2 weeks , because of work and school , and Had really wanted to play . So I started playing again and got past chapter 1 . I started to go through chapter 2 but then decided to do some side quests to get more money and better weapons ,all I had was a couple knifes and a nailed baseball bat , so I decided to do the quests for the lighthouse , you know the bandigas and the one where you turn the power on at the lighthouse . It took a couple hours but I had gotten all the quests at the lighthouse done but the airplane one , I found out you can't do it till act 3 . I went back to Sinamoi and got the next quest , to find food , that was easy since I had came across some on the way back and only had to get one more can . I went to the pool area and got the last can , then went back to cash in . I laughed at the next quest because they seemed to be just some fetch quests , and this one was for juice boxes , haha .

  I got in the car and left for the first gas station , which I cleared out on a previous quest and got the first pack . I got in the car and traveled for about 10 minutes to the next one . I got out of the car and heard 4 thug raurs one right after the other . “Oh shit “ I thought .” This quest is harder than I thought it would be “ . I went to find the first thug , killing about 10 infected on the way there. when I found it they were in a pair. I lured one out to a fence and got in a position I could hit it but it couldn't hit me and just had fun killing it . Then killed the second By luring it outside to the electric spot , climbed up a building and watched it kill itself trying to get at me , I was having fun .

  The fun left me quickly after that . A thug I saw was on top of a building right over a electrical patch , the only way up was a ladder right in the middle of the electric part . I thought for a couple minutes and drove a left over car into the electric patch and climbed on top to get to the ladder . I was so proud of myself for thinking of a good plan that I didn't see the thug that knocked me off the building right into the electricity .  This happened 2 more times , then I decided to knock it into the electric spot so it could get a taste of its own medicine . It worked and I just watched it die , screaming its head off . Then the fourth one came to mind , It was in the building I needed to get to to get the juice packet . I went to the building and opened the door , as soon as I opened it the thug knocked me back , right into 3 infected . I killed them with my cane knife and got up just in time for the thug to knock me down again , almost killing me . I got a energy drink and gained back a little heath and went at it with molotov , this wasn't too smart , the fire killed me to .

  I went back in the building to find the thug still alive , staring straight at me and not moving . thinking it was a glitch , I decided to use it to my advantage and kill the last thug . I searched the building but couldn't find the pack anywhere . I looked in the other buildings and couldn't find it either . I decided to just walk around just looking for anything that would lead me to something new , hoping to find the pack of juice . After about 20 minutes of searching I saw it in the middle of the gas station , just laying on the ground . I facepalmed myself for being stupid not to see it before , and went to pick it up .

'  As soon as I had done that I was given a quest called revenge . 'I checked the quest log and all it said was run . I decided to just put the juice pack in the car and go but in front of the car was the same 4 thugs I had killed . I turned around and saw that I was surrounded by tons of walkers and infected . I almost shit myself , how could this happen , How am I supposed to kill all of them .

     I looked in my inventory to see which weapon was my strongest , but all that was there was a pair of flimsy brass knuckles . I put them on and started punching the zombies , but they weren't attacking me and I couldn't do damage to them . They were just standing there , blocking my path . Then one of the infected charged at me and It grabbed me and I couldn't get him off . Then like he was the leader , more of them started to attack me , they weren't doing much damage though , it was more like torcher then killing , them more joined in . After I only had a tiny amount of life left they backed up . I didn't have enough time to recover when the thugs hit me into the electrical patch and killed me . This went by 4 more times before they finally stoped , after that they sounded like they were laughing at me . I got annoyed and picked up a weapon that was on the ground and tried to hit the thugs that were in front of me , but couldn't hit them , like there was a invisible wall blocking me . I got tired of this and turned around and saw a pedestal with a fact on it . I checked the fact and it said

 “I told you to run , and you did not . Why didn't you listen , you have to much pride to just give up on the mission . Now you will pay . every zombie you have killed I have brought back to life and sent here to get their revenge .” 


  I closed the fact and saw that I was surrounded by the hundreds of zombies including the two suiciders I had managed to kill , I stood no chance . I decided if I was going to die , that I would try all I could to get away first , and if that didn't work to die fighting . I was able to dodge most of the attacks easily but then I was knocked back by a thug to the place I started . The same thing happened the next 3 times . I decided it wasn't going to let me run so I started hitting the zombies that started coming at me . I had gotten through about 6 of them when the first suicider blow up and killed me . I respawned in a black room with nothing but another pedestal with another fact .  '  

This fact read

“ You have been treated as they have , like a piece of meat to have fun killing , this won't end , no it will never end , they shall let you play your game but it will get a lot harder now , try going against a lot more at once , They will all respawn a lot faster now , they will be smarter and faster, they will break down doors and kill NPCs and every time you die , will take your weapons and leave you helpless , just like them . Try having fun now .”

I was freaked out and knew that what it said was the truth , I had been having too much fun killing things , it was messing with the natural order . I was only supposed to kill to survive , not for entertainment , I was supposed to help the survivors not make so they could easily stay here forever without anything to worry about , they are supposed to want to leave .

 The fact was right , the game did get harder , much harder , I stopped wasting money on good weapons and just bought the one that would last longer , and I wouldn't mind losing . Eventually I got used to it and started getting much better at it , I stocked up on medpacks and hadn't died in a good while . I was having fun again . There had been more and more attacks now , and a couple zombies even got into the lifeguard tower . I knew this had to stop and I decided that I had to mess with the coding to go back before any of this happened and stop it from happening . I knew that I would lose a lot of progress but it would be worth having the old game back . 


I looked at the coding and it had been changed , it was all in red and there was several changes in the coding for certain spots in the game , including the gas station , I knew why this was . At the time I had a friend that was a good hacker , I hadn't noticed it before cause I hadn't played but the couple weeks I had not played , y friend had gone to town on it , he had changed the coding and put in few mods , and I think he knew I would find out cause when he changes something he puts the coding in red , it is his signature . I was so mad at him for what he did that I stopped being friends with him right away and went to his house and took his copy and replaced it with mine , to see how he likes being tricked , I even replaced some of his mods and coding with some of mine . Lets see how he likes it .